Chimney Repairs - Liverpool & North West

Chimneys are a charming and iconic component of any roof. Here at True North Roofing, we specialise in many aspects of chimney repair:

Chimney flaunching: Rain and strong winds usually cause cracking in old flaunching and harsh temperatures can make these cracks worse. We expertly replace old, cracked flaunching with a strong sand and cement mixture, which forms strong waterproof protection from leaks and rigidly fits chimney pots back in to place.

Chimney pointing: Susceptible to all kind of weather damage. Our team are highly trained in chimney re-pointing , whereby we replace the pointing in the bricks that make up the chimney stack, essentially restoring the chimney to an excellent standard.

Chimney pots: These may need to be re-bedded when the flaunching becomes cracked or damaged. Our tradesmen pay close attention to detail and ensure that the chimney pots are re-bedded at the precise angle and in the correct position.

Roof flashing: We implement different kinds of flashings to prevent leaking and water damage to chimneys and roofs:

Back tray flashing – This type of lead flashing is installed to collect and redirect rainwater behind a chimney. We install back tray flashing with our finest timber and lead work skills.

Step flashing- This protects the join between the chimney and the roof and prevents hidden leaks from forming.

Chimney Capping: These importantly prevent water, draughts, and birds from entering a building via a chimney. Our chimney caps come in a wide range of shapes, colours, and sizes to fit the aesthetic of your roof.

In severe cases of damage, chimney stack rebuilding and removal is required. We ensure that chimneys are rebuilt using stronger mortar as a preventative measure. Our skilled professionals can rectify leaning; in severe cases, the whole chimney stack will need to be knocked down and re-built. In less severe cases, we can implement steel straps for stabilisation. Replacing bricks is not a problem – we effortlessly cut out damaged brick work or render and replace it with new, stronger, undamaged materials.

Electric heating in some cases has rendered chimneys useless and so some clients may wish to remove their chimney stacks altogether. When removing chimney stacks, our certified staff remove any flaunching, cowls or pots, then remove the bricks one by one, safely and carefully. We will always try our best to find materials that fit the original aesthetic of the chimney stack and building, in repair and removal situations, to maintain a consistent appearance in the building. We care deeply about maintaining a good aesthetic of a chimney!!

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