Flat Roofing Services

True North Roofing pride themselves on providing leading roofing services . We offer both single-ply flat roofing systems and three-layer felt roofing systems to residential clients.

Single-ply systems ensure that a roof is waterproof and durable in one layer. We use many different materials in our single ply systems, including PVC, TPO and TPE. These materials offer fantastic benefits in flat roofing, as they are lightweight, flexible, weather resistant, temperature resistant, UV resistant and resistant to microorganisms. These benefits ensure that each new roof will be durable and long lasting for our clients. Our skilled workmanship ensures that these roofs are always installed correctly, quickly, and safely.

Three-layer felt roofing is highly cost effective and is suitable for a domestic flat roof of any size!! Our skilled workers expertly tailor each material to perfectly fit your flat roof and then safely set with heat.Our felt roofing is applied in a three-layer system, with an initial perforated underlay, followed by a 2mm underlay and finally set with 4-5mm of felt. We take care to always follow safety instructions when heat setting is involved. Our materials are reinforced with a strong polyester, making this one of the most durable options when it comes to flat roofing. The three-layer felt is easily repairable, easily replaced and excellent value for money. Part of the great reputation we have gained ourselves comes from the quality materials that we source -all of our clients receive the highest quality of materials!!

When installing flat roofs, be it single-ply or three-layer, our certified staff never cut corners. Our highly qualified staff make sure to always provide a professional service to our customers. True North Roofing also ensures that all safety measures are followed perfectly. We strive for 100% customer safety and satisfaction when installing flat roofs nationwide.

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Paul W - St. Helens

"Just repaired my leaky roof, honest and respectable bloke with fair prices and a thorough job well done. Will highly recommend him, cheers again. Work was done quickly and my property was left tidy when completed."

Claire M - Liverpool

"I have found them to be very professional and his estimates have been very reasonable. The work has been done to the highest standards. I would recommend these guys for any roofing problems."

Ben S - Crosby

"Quality tradesman, honest and respectable. Would highly recommend if you are looking for a hard working individual who workshop really high standards. Honest man with honest prices. "

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