Roof Repair Services

Here at True North Roofing, we specialise in all kinds of roof repairs . We ensure that every repair we carry out is completed efficiently, correctly, and to a very high standard.

Leaks in roofing can occur for a variety of reasons – a loose tile or even the natural degeneration or mortar. True North Roofing never takes short cuts when it comes to repairs and the safety of our clients; all work is carried out thoroughly and to the highest standard. We typically repair leaks by utilising our high-quality lead work.

Flashing is a process which essentially seals the gap where two surfaces meet. This is most commonly done using high quality lead to fill in the meeting point. Other common roof leaks come from gutters. Our team expertly use sealants to repair gutters and use flashing to repair other aspects of a roof. Our qualified team ensure that preventative measures are taken to areas that may be prone to leaks in the future.
The UK is often target to harsh rain and wind meaning storm damaged roofs are a common problem. Most commonly, heavy winds blow tiles from roofs. We can replace those tiles!

Storms can also cause leaks to form in roofs, as the harsh weather can force gaps into roofs, which allows water to infiltrate. Severe water damage may result in needing a roof replacement ; in heavy storms, it is not unheard of for trees to fall onto roofs. Our expert surveyors can inspect and determine whether there has been structural damage to your roof. Storm also damage chimneys and gutters; our staff are expertly trained in repairing and maintaining both chimneys (stacks, pots, flashing) and gutters (gutters, fascia boards, and soffit boards).

When filing for an insurance roof repair claim, the damage to your roof must be surveyed by a roofing company. The staff at True North Roofing can professionally review the damage to your roof and provide a full report on the condition of the roof and the estimated costs of roof repair or replacement .

When reviewing your claim, insurance companies will take into consideration the age of the roof, the overall condition and the cause of damage. We recommend that our home survey should be carried out occasionally to ensure that your roof is of an acceptable standard should you need to claim on from your insurance company.

You can contact us for a free home survey; this may save you lots of money in the long term!! It is important to keep in mind that each insurance policy will differ.

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Paul W - St. Helens

"Just repaired my leaky roof, honest and respectable bloke with fair prices and a thorough job well done. Will highly recommend him, cheers again. Work was done quickly and my property was left tidy when completed."

Claire M - Liverpool

"I have found them to be very professional and his estimates have been very reasonable. The work has been done to the highest standards. I would recommend these guys for any roofing problems."

Ben S - Crosby

"Quality tradesman, honest and respectable. Would highly recommend if you are looking for a hard working individual who workshop really high standards. Honest man with honest prices. "

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We work on all roof types, domestic & commercial.

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